Pate House Charity

About Pate House Charity

Pate House Charity was founded in 1574 by Richard Pate, one time member of parliament and a recorder of Gloucester. It was intended to provide accommodation for the elderly poor people of Cheltenham.

Originally located in the High Street, the retirement accommodation moved to the existing site in Albion Street in 1811. Over the years it has been extended and modernised, providing individual rented flats to elderly persons.

There are historical connections to Pates Grammar School and to The Richard Pate school, both of which are the successors to the school founded by Richard Pate.

The charity is managed by eleven locally based trustees.

“We are committed to providing the best possible accommodation for the active elderly at a modest price.”

Pate House Charity is a member of the Almshouse Association and is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation under the auspices of the Charity Commission registered no 1172357.